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How can you get more customers without marketing and advertising?

Don’t know? Neither do we!

What we DO KNOW though is HOW to creatively and effectively market and advertise your business in an affordable way. We have phenomenal media buying clout and will create a targeted marketing plan for you using the best mix of online and offline media with a personal focus on your business results.

Broadcast Media

Let’s face it, people love video. Watching a video is easy and your audience is more likely to get a deeper understanding of your company’s brand message from watching audio and visual cues than by reading it on your website. Video tells your story 24 hours a day and its reach has greater potential to be viewed globally. Whether you use video on your website, social media or television advertising, video has been proven to be very effective at getting its message across. Our high quality, high definition videos can be used as part of your broadcast media mix or as part of your social media strategy.

Other Media

We are able to offer all sorts of imaginative ad solutions to suit every budget. We can wrap a bus or train for you, get you on a billboard, how about the mall posters, or bus shelters? Our team of creatives can come up with the perfect solution just for you.

Social Media

Social media should be an integral part of your marketing mix. Companies use social media marketing to promote and encourage online users to discuss their brand, product, or service virally. We take this to the next level by telling your story using video – a web commercial (web-mercial). It’s more important to be trusted and believed than “liked” and “followed,” and our affordable web-mercials will help instill that sense of trust. They are a high quality, evergreen product that can be used for years to come on multiple platforms. We can help you increase customer engagement and drive traffic to your website, place of business and ultimately generate more sales.

Internet Advertising

Internet advertising is a great way to guide more traffic to your site and increase business. Our creative team will help you with your concept and provide a cost-effective, superior product for you.

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